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Brno-Turany Airport is an airport located 7.5 kilometers southeast of the town of Brno. It operates regular and charter flights. In terms of the number of passengers served, it is the second largest aviation facility in the Czech Republic. Tourists using the port are most often citizens of Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia. For people coming from far away, parking is necessary, the Brno airport offers several hundred parking spaces at attractively low prices.

Brno-Turany Airport - general information

The Brno-Turany airport serves about 18 international destinations. The most frequently chosen are Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt and Spain. London is also a very popular destination. It is not uncommon to meet many Poles on this airport portal, because tickets from the Czech Republic are cheaper, and for tourists living close to the border, this solution is one of the easiest. This is supported by the amount of money saved and kilometers to be covered.

In addition to passenger flights, the facility also sees heavy freight traffic, as both FedEx and DHL ship daily from there to their depots in Paris and Leipzig. The facility also provides services in the field of business, private and training aviation.

Parking at the Brno airport - what does it offer?

The car park at Brno airport has not been divided into zones. The same rate applies to all drivers on the premises, and parking spaces are long-term. The area has been located a few hundred meters from the terminal building, which means that after parking the car, you have to walk from a few to several dozen minutes. In addition, it is not possible to reserve a seat in advance. Payment for parking time can be made by cash or credit card.

Each driver entering the airport area has the first 20 minutes of parking free of charge. The next 2 hours cost 50 CZK/h. If you want to leave your car for 24 hours, you should expect a price of CZK 150. The facility provides the possibility of parking a car for up to 16 days. The total cost of the subscription is then CZK 1,700, and each subsequent started day is an additional CZK 100.

The official Brno airport parking is one of several available options. The proximity of the city means that you can leave your car on guarded parking spaces within its vicinity. However, it should be remembered that this involves an additional transfer to the terminal, which municipal facilities no longer provide. What's more, there are many private car parks around the airport, which combine the three most important features, which include comfort of use, vehicle safety and transfer to the airport.

Convenient parking for every tourist

A large selection of parking spaces positively affects the comfort of traveling. Private car parks give a lot of freedom and offer favorable prices. You can book parking spaces at a favorable price on our website before your arrival or departure. The website brings together private car parks located around the airport. All of them meet the highest standards of security and customer service.

After booking a seat, customers receive an SMS confirmation containing a link to Google Maps. Then just click on it and the GPS will show you the route to your destination. In case of any problems, travelers can easily cancel their reservation.

The NextPark search engine offers the best airport car parks at exceptionally low prices. The cost of berths is public, and when viewing the offers, select the date of arrival and return from your trip. Then the search engine will show you the best and cheapest options available. The most common parameters taken into account are the distance of the parking lot from the airport, the length of the transfer, the cost of parking and all available additional amenities, such as free cancellation, monitoring or security. The Next Park search engine is a response to the great needs of tourists who often have problems finding parking spaces near the Brno airport in the Czech Republic.

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